Monday, April 11, 2011


Is it really almost the end of sophomore year?  It seems to be since I have been assigned my final project for imaging class.  Where has the time gone?  4 more weeks at HWS and then a quick summer and I am off to Europe for the semester, I honestly cannot wait.

So for our final imaging project we were able to choose whatever we wanted as long as it involved photography.  I thought to myself, what do I love?  First off, food and lots of yummy food and then I didnt know where to go from there.  I decided to photograph CUPCAKES from a cupcakery in Pittsford, NY.  They have a great selection of these mini-cakes and have a great location in Schoen Place (next to my favorite restaurant Aladdins Natural Eatery).

THE FINAL IDEA: Cupcake Destruction.
I have always found myself drawn to colorful desserts, especially cupcakes and for the final project I thought that exploring food would be a different and creative approach that may sometimes be forgotten.  By experimenting with different lighting techniques in the studio to create a composition that not only is aesthetically pleasing but also technically sound, I will show the destruction of my favorite dessert while revealing tiny details of the cake and frosting itself.  Cakes, but specifically cupcakes are small enough in nature to be photographed close up and show the shiny texture of the frosting combined with the spongy cake.  The 12 images will be comprised of 6 different cupcakes while they fit together by each decomposing in increments until there is nothing but crumbs on the brightly colored plate.  Each photograph will be the same size and incorporate high contrast and vivid colors.  These photographs will be displayed in a circular format to depict the passage of time.

Here are the photos without photoshop manipulation (to come in a week or so)...

That is all. 

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