Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grey Hairs.

If you follow this blog or have ever read some posts I have often said that at some point I would rant and complain.  Well I am going to try not to complain because honestly it takes too much effort and I also don't have the time.  Tired yes? Mentally and physically.  Glad to know that I am not alone though and all the other girls in this wretched Ancient Philosophy class are struggling just as well.  Misery loves company, yes. But we have also bonded and formed a great friendship (that currently revolves around hating this class and desiring fun trips that go anywhere besides the silent library).  

To say the least, I am getting a few "grey hairs" this semester and have found myself at a loss for motivation and have honestly wanted to throw in the towel more than once, but did I, NO!

So some advice, as for many of us in College are in the same boat as I, and yes it is clearly a really tiny boat with many people who are all starting to drown (oh I am so morbid tonight!)

Words of wisdom:
A. You are who you want to be.  Embrace it.
B. When you make it through difficult times, you know that you can make it through anything.
C. You always have time for a nap, trip to the gym, or drive to clear your head
D. going out should be a priority only when your head doesn't feel like exploding.

More important ones:
A. your education, moreso graduate or law school, is an intellectual marathon.  Keep healthy  just as you would a regular marathon.  Your body will tell you to stop, your mind will tell you no more, but you must push forward.
B. Don't think negatively.
C. Sometimes your VERY BEST is not good enough, learn to accept it and realize you did all you could to succeed.

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