Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break| The Artsy Side of Us

If you are friends with me on Facebook you have already seen all of these photographs but I figured I'd post them to the blog anyways and give a little description/ explanation of them.  I have realized I am awful at organizing posts on such a HUGE EVENT but some is better than none right.

The first day we literally walked everywhere, which would have been okay if I had prepared and chose not to drive to classes that were far away.  Amidst my huffing and puffing we went from the apartment in Camden to St. Pauls and all the way down to parliment across the river to the eye and back!  I was trying to get some great compositions so I thought the above photo of St. Pauls was cool!

Here we have BIG BEN, twice! I like the top picture because it shows the buildings around the tower but also highlights the tower itself.  The photo below is one of my favorites because its so busy.  You have the flags, the tower and even the eye in the background. In photography we learned how the eye is attracted to shapes, these three objects create a triangle which balances the photo.

Below is a photograph of the London Eye, which has probably been taken many times and is becoming too touristy but I still like it.

After walking past the eye there was a sort of boardwalk.  Under this one bridge were walls of amazing and interesting graffiti, along with some young skateboarders showing off their tricks.

The artist seems to be talking to the sand sculputer in this photo, its as if he is yelling at her.  It was the most random thing right in the middle of London but so interesting at the same time. 

Buckingham Palace at its finest, on our first sunny day!

Buckingham palace, which can also be seen through the reflection in Brendan's RayBan Sunglasses.  It was quite stunning but also a serious tourist trap.  I don't know how I could deal with it if I were the Queen.  Also, the Guards were NOT as exciting as I had hoped, they were so far away I could hardly see them!

The Louvre.  Being the serious nerd I am and LOVING The Davinci Code/ Angels and Demons, I am of course in love with the Louvre and the pyramid outside if it.  I happened to catch the suns rays coming through the pyramid on the sunny day we went (which was a tuesday, the museum is closed).  I love this picture because it really shows how absolutely gorgeous it was outside since it was in fact 75 degrees!

Brendans Masterpiece (pt 1).  While walking up through the gardens outside the Louvre he just had to go get a picture of these trees...Little did I know he had another idea, which came out very nicely I might add.  The trees seem to frame the women sitting on the bench which I love.

He also took this photo at my request.  I like the lines of the building and then the movement of the cars, it shows how fast they actually do drive in Paris!

The top photo of the pallet is one that I took and Brendan took the B&W ones below.  I thought that I was doing great with my framing and aperature but he seems to outdo me once again.  I really like how the stand is in focus while the rest of the background is blurred, you can see it a lot better in the black and white.

The Eiffel Tower: Touristy and Expensive but obviously something everyone who goes to Paris must see.  We went to the second level (the line to the top was way too long for our short stay), and traveled about the gardens below.

My first sausage in 3 years!  In the German Marketplace (Borough Market), we walked around scoping everything out when I had this sudden urge for Sauerkraut and a big Sausage.  Luckily this nice guy had some for sale.  I must say, it was amazing.

This picture was taken our last night in London when we went on the Eye.  It is a lot taller than I thought it was but luckily very steady and you could hardly tell you were moving.  The sunset was gorgeous and it was a great end to our trip!

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