Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break| The Yummy Part

Let me give you one some insight into one of the more exciting parts of Spring Break.  

A brief background may be required for this so here we go: For the past two years my meals have consisted of white meat only (chicken and turkey), little to no seafood and LOTS of veggies.  Thats right, no ham, sausage, beef, pork etc.

Over break I promised myself I would try lots of foods and so that is exactly what Brendan and I did.  I have posted a few pictures of our favorites except that we didn't take pictures of the Snails in Paris, or the Bouf Bourignon which I clearly just tried because Julia Child makes a great recipe.  We also had Veal (baby Moo cow) and the following:

Cute little triangle tea sandwiches and Iced Chocolate at this restaurant called Cilantro.  I was absolutely splendid both for the meal and price!  Located right near the shopping district of London I was very happy to find such a yummy place.

Here is the Ostrich dinner we made, yes Ostrich as in the big bird!  We bought the steaks and wild mushrooms at Borough Market, please if you ever go to London, go to this market.  We also added a great Creme Fraise sauce to go with it.

The Ye Old Chesire Cheese, known for being one of the oldest running pubs in London serves up some great Fish and Chips.  I must say its not half bad especially since it is a dish known to England and the UK.  Their draft beers weren't half bad either!

I love cheese.  Mostly very sharp cheddars and Brie but we decided to explore this amazingly huge cheese shop and ended up with a Stilton (VERY strong blue cheese) and some soft goat cheese that had some bite to it.  The people were really friendly and let us sample anything we wanted!

Last but not least, Katzenjammers or as I would like to call it "Kittys and Jammies."  A nice little basement German Pub that serves some awesome German beers in seriously large quantities (well large for me).  This pint was so heavy but we had a great time sipping away while enjoying traditional German Pretzels.  We also met some fun Russians who sat next to us and were arguing over whether or not to see Greece the Musical!

All in all, the food in London/Paris was AMAZING.  I couldn't have enjoyed my newfound love for something besides chicken anymore.

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