Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Hint...

We have all heard the draining commercials with moms running their buggys up and down grocery store aisles: Don't drink beverages with sugar.  Sugar found in soda and juice is bad for you.  Well to be honest I would have to agree to an extend.  The occasional soda or glass of juice is fine, go ahead indulge a little, but to drink 4,5,6 however many a day is not healthy...hate to break it to you.

To solve this dilemma many of us college students go to seltzer water (flavored or plain) or simply flavored water.  However, sometimes I don't desire the fizz from seltzer and most flavored waters are also filled with sugar and taste ridiculously artificial.  The solution?

This bottled water can be found at Wegmans or other grocery stores such as Whole Foods and even Starbucks.  It has ZERO sweeteners, ZERO calories and ZERO preservatives.  Best of all, it tastes absolutely amazing and refreshing!  Yet again I find myself sounding like an infomercial for Hint water, oh well, I am crazy about this stuff and I've only tried two flavors (Pomegranate-Tangerine and Mango-Grapefruit).

Of course I do have one concern: How does the water get its flavor if it claims that there is literally nothing to it? 

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