Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Comes the Sun.

A high of 55 and enough sunshine for everyone to enjoy, this to me is a perfect "winter" day.  I place "winter" in quotations because it is the middle of February and will be back to the normal dreary cold/snowy/blustery weather tomorrow.

But lets focus on today and the sunshine.  I decided to break out some spring clothes, which consisted of coral floral earrings and a floral graphic tee from Jcrew.  After a rainy morning run and quick shower I hit to my photography assignment: 50 photos focusing on Aperature.  I tried to follow it, kind of?

i love the ironwork on our benches, its simplistic but beautiful

and i can't go anywhere without my sperry topsiders in the summer!

The boathouse looks so dreary even though its sunny and 50.

this is as far as I went, the walk down was too icy for my boatshoes :/

I love this because its so bright in the background yet the bench is still clear-ish.

and finally, a snowy shadow.  Its not the best photograph in the world but still interesting because no one ever thinks of doing branch shadows, their so interesting!

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