Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is Internet?

If the previous post had you even slightly irked you, please watch the video above.  As of 1994 even the TODAY show was confused about what "internet" was! Please look at how far we have come from that & sadly how corrupt we are because of it. What would you do without the internet?  We eat, sleep and breath it and when we don't have it we don't know what to do with ourselves.  Its time to admit: we're addicted.

It seems so strange because though it was 17 years ago, just look how far we have come...
Who would have thought we would have technology such as Iphones, Ipads, Blackberry etc.

Yay for the Iphone being released today by the way.  I would have to say that I may, quite possibly, consider switching from Blackberry to Iphone but that won't happen until next february when my plan is up but hey, its still a possibility.  For all the AT&T customers who were constantly asking, "can you hear me now"...welcome to the real world of "good!"

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