Thursday, February 10, 2011


Let me introduce to you my new ultimate chocolatey delight:
The VitaTop!

This delicious 100 cal. muffin top is FAB and will most definitely not give you a "muffin top" unless you ate 209348029834 a day.  Its perfect for those late night chocolatey cravings that we all get and best of all they're filled with the vitamins you aren't getting in your dining hall!

I should like an infomercial but I'm addicted, clearly.  Sadly I actually just ate my first one (which I ordered on their website..$25 to ship 12, but now I guess you can find them at wegmans for $5--RIPOFF!).  In any case, if you love chocolate and tasty snacks as much as me, you HAVE TO TRY THIS.

1 comment:

  1. those look delicious! my type of muffin. i wish they had Wegmans where we live! i am missing out! p.s. your blog is SO cute! i love it. :)


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