Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook Integration.

Please excuse the following rant:
Facebook meet onstar, onstar meet facebook.  Oh hey "Chevrolet" driver why don't you meet facebook IN YOUR CAR.

If it isn't obvious enough already I am a bit enraged at the new addition to OnStar equipped cars.  If you can't understand it from the video (Though it is blatantly obvious),  you can now check your facebook "newsfeed" from your car.  God help us if we can't check it for another 20938402983483 time in the day.  CAN YOU SAY ACCIDENTS?

The video above depicts our society as pathetic! I am not saying that I don't log onto facebook a few (or more) times a day but I would never think of checking it WHILE DRIVING.  

Dear facebook, please stop running/ ruining our lives with your nosey ways of finding your way into our lives 24/7.  Professors even have to write on syllabuses "Do not surf Facebook during class."  I know that social networking is the newest thing in our generation but there is a point where enough is enough--for me, this is that point.

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