Sunday, February 27, 2011


For those of you unfamiliar with music talk so to speak, a "banger" is a song that you find to be absolutely amazing or just out of this world.  We wouldn't refer to a country song by Rascal Flatts to be a banger because of its genre (don't get me wrong, I am addicted to Rascal Flatts), but think of a great party/driving/pre-game song that everyone knows and screams while raising their glasses of champy.

I present to you, my newest favorite BANGER.  Brendan remixed this song, so he definitely deserves all the credit for when it goes viral.  Let me put it to you lightly, he is a monster with music--not only with discovering the hottest up and coming artists (which most people learn of months later from the radio), but he also makes great beats. 

Please do you and your ears a favor.  Click, Download, Blast.

He even made some album art for your itunes, ipod, ipad or whatever you blast your ears with.  Give the guy some credit, he really rocked this one and I'm so excited for him!!

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