Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frolicking Geneva.

This will probably serve as a header for many following posts as for my most common location for taking photos is Geneva, that is until I make my way across the big ocean to London! (One week and two days folks, its almost here!)

This latest assignment required us, the most amateur photographers, to focus on depth of field and aperture.  You know, when the subject is crisp/sharp and the background is oh so blurred--what a cool effect!  This is one thing I always wanted to learn about taking photos and am so excited I know how to explore it more. 

Here are the four photos I turned in and manipulated using Photoshop:

"Afternoon Snack"
I found this lovely bakery (a post soon to come) called Normal Bread.  This one man band makes breads and the best organic cookies, right here in Geneva!  The owner gave me permission to photograph his products and I fell in love with this one.

"Warm Up"
Introducing Krystina.  She is part of the HWS Figure Skating Club and I adore this photo of her stretching before practice.  Funny story, she also went to prep school where Brendan's dad taught!

"Simple Preserves"
Another shot from Normal Bread.  I found the contrast between the lids and the contents within the jars to be fascinating, not to mention I love homemade jellys, jams and preserves!  Can't wait to make some this summer :)

One of my favorite photos to date.  I just love the angle and the fact that the original was overexposed and extremely washed out, thank god for photoshop.  Ironwork is becoming my new thing to photograph, even simple benches such as this have a certain beauty to them.

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