Monday, October 1, 2012


The first of October has officially passed but we are now quickly approaching the heart of fall and with that comes so many exciting and new plans/ recipes and activities.  I love fall, which is probably why I have been having some serious obsessions with pumpkins, apples and cinnamon. Who is going to judge me? Hopefully no one.

September was a great month of getting back to school, adjusting to a new living arrangement in a super awesome senior suite along with getting into the swing of doing schoolwork again.  I have finally found a good balance between exercise, school, friends and every other aspect of life--at least for now.  My priorities aren't as focused on school this semester for some reason and I am having difficulties pinpointing why--I hope that it isn't a case of senioritis quite yet but I have a feeling that I am starting to get burnt out from the daily hassles of reading and paper writing which is why most of my efforts have been going towards future planning, goals, job searches and other activities that I am passionate about.

My newest endeavor? Global Water Brigades!  Much more to come on this soon but for a general overview, GWB is an international group that is part of a larger global initiative brigade organization that gives groups and individuals the opportunity to visit an area and make a difference. Rochester GWB plans a brigade each spring semester to Honduras where they spend the week digging trenches to provide water to communities that would otherwise not have access.  I am currently in the application process to go on the brigade but will still be in the club if I am not chosen--there is so much to be done here at school and in Rochester.

Are you having trouble getting into school this year? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to stay out of a rut?

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