Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend in Photos

This is the lazy version of blogging:

Woodchuck makes a great cider (their amber is sheer awesomeness) but this special edition FALL cider is to die for.  I cannot wait to whip up some baked doughnuts/ fresh apple pie and pair them with one of these bad boys.  What's even better is that woodchuck is GF for those of you who hate the bloated and awful feeling that beer often gives.

Friends downtown on Thursday night

Amy's awesome tacos that she made for her birthday and allowed us to devour! She definitely revamped my love for tacos--reminded me of a better version of taco thursday (hello high school).

Brendan came to visit this weekend as well and I finally made him take a new photo with me, as if we don't have enough already!

BPG dance tryouts were earlier last week but I finally snagged this photo from Rebz phone--Team Mulan!

Our suite celebrated Amy's Birthday and Marisa's is coming up soon!

I woke up at 9:30 this morning for an awesome 3.5 mile run.  After having a few rough sweaty runs from the humidity it was nice to feel accomplished on one of my long runs.  This means that week 2 is complete and we are onto week 3 of 8!

Alpha Phifa, Kick it for a Cause was hosted by Rochester Alpha Phi today and proceeds went to support our philanthropy, Cardiac Care!

I finally made my way to the library to do some computer homework and start reading for the week and brought along with me some killer leftovers. Hodge-Podge Mexican Casserole

Hodge Podge Mexican Casserole

All you need is the following:
1. Salsa
2. Brown Rice
3. Chicken Breast
4. Rice and Corn
5. Mexican Spices (cumin, chili powder etc)
6. Greek Yogurt

I took the cooked brown rice and layered it in the bottom of a pan.  Next I took leftover bean burrito mixture which is basically black beans and corn that have been simmered together with garlic, cumin, chili powder and onions and poured it on top.  Next came the chicken that I pan seared quickly, some extra tomatoes I had lying around made their way in along with a mixture of salsa and greek yogurt that I mixed and heated on the stove

30 minutes on 350 and volia, dinner.

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