Monday, September 17, 2012

Case of The Mondays

Lets start the week of right.  Happy Monday.  A few good things that have already happened today include the fact that I woke up before my alarm (8:15) and regardless of the fact that I probably could have used those extra 15 minutes, I jumped out of bed and started my day.

I am still attempting to do a little yoga each morning before I get dressed, eat or do anything semi-productive but I have been getting more lax about this--my goal for the week is to learn a few new moves and incorporate those into my routine!

This week shouldn't be too busy but I am upping my weekday milage to 3 miles on tuesday (which is now moving to wednesday) and 2 miles on thursday.  Why am I switching the days around? Well, tuesday I have class from 11-4:40, no break. Need I say more?  Class is also a solid mile and a half away so strap on a heavy backpack and there you have some nice cross training for the day.

This week is also my second week doing hospital scans for my independent study--I finally have some "business casual" clothes but I am ALWAYS looking for more.  I've already been suggested to look at Zara--do you have any suggestions? (Not trying to break the bank but I need to look professional!)

We are into our 4th week of school--of senior year for many of me and my friends. Take time to enjoy the extra minutes of the day (MAKE extra minutes in the day to relax), there really is no reason to stress and pack your day so full that you cannot enjoy a cup of tea or to finish my long and somewhat obnoxious posts :)


  1. Waking up before your alarm is always a bonus :) great goal off trying to do some yoga!

  2. I agree, though it didn't happen today! Thanks for reading :)


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