Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy America Day!

Happy America Day to everyone back at home.  We were greeted this morning with our usual oatmeal, eggs, sausages (which are more like hot dogs but AMAZING) and lots of coffee...oh and a "Happy America Day" from Crazy Dave who promised us a great night of celebration and good food!

We were done with the hospital a little early today and to be honest, I was okay with that.  The patients we saw had a wide range of problems and while the doctor was very comfortable discussing with us I was tired and felt like I was seeing the same patients over and over again.  A few cases stood out:

1. A woman with HIV and TB had a stomach full of liquid that they were draining all morning
2. A little baby also had HIV and TB
3. A woman came in for her appointment from one of the rural villages and was a year and 1 day late and had no concept that it was wrong
4. Schizophrenic patient that could not speak and was very withdrawn

The doctor we worked with today has seen both governments in power and has worked in the public sector of medicine for over 20 years--she was VERY set in her ways and knew exactly (her conclusions) why the healthcare system was an utter disaster and is eventually going to implode on itself.

After class we ran over to the grocery store and bought ourselves some smores fixings--pink and white marshmallows, chunky chocolate bars and digestives (they don't have graham crackers here!)

Now its time to relax by the pool, look at the mountain, play with the cats and stare at all the crazy birds and monkeys while trying to get a tan back!

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