Tuesday, July 3, 2012

American Dinner & Movies

So for those of you who care less about the medical side of my trip here is something more normal that I did today:

We had the best baked oatmeal ever for breakfast.  The chefs at the hostel, Happiness and Cindy, are great cooks.

For lunch we came home and sat outside in the sun and watched some interesting birds (we're near a bird reserve) and a few monkeys with blue balls roam about the trees and then had class.

I realized that lunch in SA isn't really the best meal--today we had a hot dog on a buttered roll with lettuce, cucumber and onion with ketchup with a twinkie, snickers type bar and gummies for dessert...interesting but if you know me at all (which I hope you do since you're reading this), my tummy was not really having it though i've gotten a lot better with digesting those sorts of things!

I ran and did abs with friends.

For dinner we had THE BEST steak with tomato/ onion sauce, peas and carrots, salad, amazing garlic bread and mashed potatoes and of course a hunter's cider to make it all that much more amazing.

Afterwards we went and saw a movie in a theater super similar to Regal...really nice and great seats (no broken ones like at Canandaigua Theaters).  It was so nice to get out and do something besides researching papers or just falling asleep!

Tomorrow we are back at the hospital and then celebrating the 4th just like everyone else back at home!  Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

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