Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Graduation & Vacation

Congrats to this guy for graduating from Colgate University last weekend! 4 years of friends, fun and lots of visits from me, I couldn't be more proud of him.   I spent graduation weekend with Brendan and his family with a huge picnic, ceremonies and one last night with his friends. I had the most amazing time and am so happy to have met so many amazing people through Brendan at Colgate. 

Next up was a trip to Montreal, my gift to Brendan for graduation.  I had been keeping this trip a secret for so long and then accidentally told him the week before (oops!). The drive, a longish 6 hours, was filled with many coffee breaks and breakfast sandwiches and ended with some serious traffic to get to our hotel.  We had the most amazing time perusing Montreal, exploring restaurants and the typical touristy sites and even got caught in the middle of a huge protest.

After going to London and wearing my classic sperry's around the city ALL DAY I learned my lesson and went with some sneakers.  All day I continually mentioned how touristy we looked with our sneakers and camera bag but it was fun and I made quite a few jokes about it.

We went to a few markets for cheese and baguettes, the Biodome (because you're never too old for the zoo), famous restaurants that were suggested by Anthony Bourdain himself (Dominion Square Tavern, Beauty's Lucheonette, and St. Viteur's Bagels)...YUM!

Congratulations Brendan!!

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