Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Dinosaur What? Dino BBQ.

Dinosaur BBQ.  Originally founded as a BBQ Pit "joint" of sorts in Syracuse, NY but also has a loving relationship with Rochestarians. Up until last spring I couldn't recall the last time since I had actually eaten at Dino BBQ but frequently heard of friends going up for the experience.  Now I can proudly say that I have enjoyed their fall off the bone pulled pork sandwiches twice in two years (not a huge accomplishment but it is in my book!)

Amanda, Mandy, Carolyn and I (along with a few boyfriends) savored every bite as we celebrated Mandy's 20th birthday.  She is the baby of the bunch but still deserved a big celebration none the less. Now the plate above is mine.  The original pulled pork sandwich "platter" with TWO sides, BBQ beans and corn bread.

Mandy's platter looked something like this:

The Tres Hombres Combo Platter with Salad, Mac & Cheese, Corn Bread, Ribs, Brisket and Pork.   All of which I tried and enjoyed every bite of.

We also celebrated the big 20 with a rather large peanut butter ball platter.  I had no idea that these were so easy to make! Literally takes 5 minutes to whip together the inside goop and then a while in the freezer and a dip of chocolate!

Happy Birthday to my best friend Mandy.

As for the Dinosaur BBQ itself, I would have to give a few suggestions for perusing the menu.
(1) The BBQ Baked Beans are not that great. I would definitely pick a different side dish
(2) Creole Deviled Eggs = AMAZING
(3) The sandwiches are equally as tasty sans bun.
(4) Get the corn bread as a side if it doesn't come with your meal (though it should!)
(5) the Mac & Cheese is spicy and to die for.
(6) If your stomach upsets easily take caution.

Overall I would say that Dino BBQ is pretty tasty but I definitely like to save it for occasions that happen once or twice a year.  Mandy's birthday was perfect for this since it is her favorite restaurant and I gladly cleaned my plate.

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