Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventures in Boston

Where oh where have I been? I've actually been busy exploring Boston for the past few days as I was visiting my friend Rachel from UR.  I remember mentioning to her once that I had only been in Boston for 6 hours on a trip to Salem that my mom took me on before entering freshman year at HWS. She gladly invited me to stay with her over break and get a better feel for the city and her hometown of Newton, MA.

Here are some facts about the last time I went to Boston:

1. I was 18 years old, which seems like a lifetime ago
2. OhsoMiscellanea did not exit nor did I ever think I would have a blog
3. I rarely exercised let alone ran daily
4. I was hopeful, nervous and excited for orientation at HWS
5. It was the hottest day on record in Boston that year (2009)
6. We rode the Old Trolly around as if it were a cab

This time, however, was a bit different:
1. I am now 21 years old, which makes ME seem old
2. OhsoMiscellanea is definitely in my life yet still not as much as I'd like
3. I had so much more energy to walk the city instead of taking the T or cabs
4. My body went "haywire" from lack of running for 3 days
5. It is the middle of winter and we saw no snow...anywhere
6. We saw so much more of Boston that I had never seen! (North End)

One this has still remained the same though. I love Boston and apparently I also love touristy pictures (the Boiling Pot & the Ducks).  Give me a break though, it was something that definitely had to be done. 

Thanks so much to Rachel and her family for having it, it was a wonderful trip!

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