Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Race!

This past weekend, Saturday the 10th to be exact, Rachel and I raced in yet another 5k.  This one, It's a Wonderful Run 5k, was situated in the quaint Seneca Falls, NY.  The race was created to commemorate the lovely christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life which was filmed right in Seneca Falls (aka. Bedford Falls). 

We had received numerous emails about the growing size of the race and stressing points that we needed to get there hours in advance to pick up our race packets.  This wasn't the case and it was actually quite enjoyable.  We saw bagpipers and hundreds of people decked in their holiday attire for racing.  I went with my classic red and white stripped union suit and Rachel sported a snowman turtleneck!

Race Recap:

I placed 16th in the 19-24 group out of 73 women in the same grouping!
My mile time: 8:56/m and I finished in 27:42.  A bit later than expected but with a crowd nearing 2000 I have to take what I can.

The race itself wove throughout Seneca Falls in and around historic buildings and the local high school.  We passed carolers, bag pipes, houses with bonfires and children ringing bells.  The one downside was that there was no mile 2 marker so I never knew when I could really put EVERYTHING into it.  Before I knew it we were nearing the 100 meter mark, a downward end which could be potentially devastating with the crowd but we managed to make it through!

Tomorrow starts half -marathon training.  Yes, for real this time...I promise! I hope you will follow me in my journey to the Flower City Half Marathon on April 30th!

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