Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gifting Running Gear: CW-X & MicroTherm Down

Happy first snow of December (and the year) for Rochester!  I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up to a few snow drifts in my front yard and blustering 27 degree weather. After deciding late last night to sleep in I forced myself out of bed around 11 am.  First on the agenda, winter running!  

TIP: I learned that making an appointment or a date to exercise works best (for me at least).  If you make time for it in your day, even a week or so in advance, you know that you have time and that it has to get done.

I bundled up with my usual headband, gloves, neck gator and base layer tops.  However, this year I was able to start winter running with a new jacket AND running tights.  I decided to try out some new running tights after I realized my Under Armor pants are from junior year in high school!  Katie, author of Peace, Love & Oats had purchased a pair of CW-X Insulator Performx Tights!  I remembered her mentioning that they made her feel like a SUPERHERO once they actually were put on and just had to test them out.

These are NOT your ordinary tights and I would agree with Katie that they do in fact make you feel like a superhero.  I will recommend that you go up a size, I thought I would be a small but the Medium fit just right.  These specific CW-X tights provide support through their fabric for the IT band, knees and hip flexors.  Great for longer runs.

My dad also helped my running gear wardrobe and gifted me an Eddie Bauer "First Ascent" jacket.  The First Ascent line was completely new to me until shopping this year and I instantly fell in love.

Super light, reflective and wind resistant. It features an athletic cut and feel for outdoor activities such as running, snow shoeing and hiking.  I can't wait to go for a nice hike in this! If you're a huge fan of Patagonia but don't want to put out the plus $200 for one of these down shirts, go for Eddie Bauer.  I am completely satisfied.  While I will say you should wear this when it is FREEZING outside, I was still comfortable in 35 degree weather also.  What a great present from Dad!  

Did you receive any running gear for Christmas or Hanukah? What were your favorite gifts?

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