Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dark Roast.

Ah the first day of reading period. And where am I you might ask? Panera.  No, surprising not the overcrowded U of R library which is probably a great decision on my behalf, however, an expensive one to say the least.

I have heard the "horror" stories throughout the semester of finals week at U of R and I refuse to allow myself to let that happen.  Sleeping 4 out of 70 hours, sleeping in Gleason, snoring in gleason. Bringing your toothbrush to Gleason/ other personal hygiene products...NOT bringing personal hygiene products.  Lines at the doors to the library at 8am or never actually leaving the library.  I just don't think that my body could EVER handle it.  As it is I was already starting to have minor breakdowns due to having 4-5 hours of sleep each night for the past week.  Not ever sleeping? No thank you.

So I am at Panera yet again. Home away from home.

Today's agenda:
1. Finish Epidemiology Review
2. Start U.S. Health Systems Review
4. Sleep :)

Where is your favorite place to study?  Do you have any secret tips that you refuse to let on to the rest of the world?

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