Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Post Pt.2

The fun post! If you are just tuning in, please refer to the previous post for the recipes of my contributions for Thanksgiving.

I figured I would keep this short and sweet and post a few pictures from my Thanksgiving day adventures. Sound okay? Good.

I absolutely love my babe, without a doubt, addicted to this ball of fluff.

I started using my tripod for my camera and it has made a HUGE difference.  If you have an SLR, get one. It makes all the difference. 

My mom has thing obsessive problem with thanksgiving day leftovers so she roasted a turkey of her own.  Thank god since the turkey for our thanksgiving really didn't taste up to par this year. It was actually quite dry.

Check this out. My Mom over zapped the jelly for my tart and created some hardened sugary sweet nasty mess.  Not funny Mom!

Bellis Family 2011

Brendan and Me!

Great Thanksgiving with my cousin Rachel, her boyfriend Charlie, Brendan and me.

We really tried to keep our portions small so we had room for two thanksgivings but it was way more difficult than we ever anticipated. Fullest day of my life.

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