Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pushing Weights.

Remember when I said I had joined a gym? Okay, well in case you don't, I recently joined the RAC for Women, Rochester's premier athletic club with multiple locations and numerous options for training.  How exciting!  Today I ventured over to Pittsford for my first training session; the sessions come free with the purchase of a membership. My appointment was set up after an initial measurement appointment that I went to yesterday.

I was a bit nervous going in today, just wondering what my trainer would be like and what types of weight exercises I would be asked to do.  I guess going to a new gym can be stressful at times, and I definitely felt that. 

I was briefly introduced to Jill, my trainer, and we instantly hit the floor.  Luckily, this time period was rather slow and there wasn't much hustle to distract my half hour session.  Of course today had to be Abs, Chest and Shoulder day, just my luck.  My arms and chest muscles are ridiculously weak and I guess in a way it was a good place to start.  Should I mention I already "feel the burn"? 

We did two sets of 12 for each exercise including Chest Press, Seated Row, and some others that I cannot remember the name of.  I am definitely out of shape when it comes to weights, however, I look forward to seeing how far I can push my strength and improve it throughout the coming months.

Coming Up:
East Ave Grocery Run: November 5th w/ Rachel!

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