Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Words to the Wise(r).

As classes are quickly coming to an end, if they have not already, and us college students quickly realize that finals are upon us, I hope to give one piece of advice.

Backup your files.

It takes time and effort, which I know most do not want to do, but trust me on this one because even your trustworthy MacBook Pro may flounder.  Yes, I have had first hand experience with this tragedy.

Just yesterday I was typing away when my computer ran out of battery power, oh no! Like this usually happens I grabbed the power cord and plugged it in (simple, yes I am aware).  But, unlike the 23948029834834 times before, it did not go to the "password" screen but simply stayed with the apple logo and twirly woorly symbol and decided to get rather loud and VERY hot.

After calling the trusty folk over at the Apple Mecca, wherever this may be located, we trouble-shooted a bit and determined a checkup was in store.  So, long story short: a trip to the Apple Store at Eastview Mall and Two hours later,

My hard drive was FRIED!
I had about 5 minutes to save what I needed (granted I had no flash drive or external hard drive).
and then my trusty laptop was wiped clean, gutted and received all new parts (for free!).

What could have prevented such a tragedy, no one knows. But I am on my way to purchasing an external hard drive. They are worth the $100 dollars folks and are located at your local Walmart supercenter.  Do me a favor, BUY ONE.

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