Friday, May 13, 2011

Chicken Salad SANS Mayo.

Okay so we all have those foods that we crave or are tempted to purchase at a restaurant/ cafe.  Mine? Chicken Salad.  The dilemma comes when I realized just how much mayonnaise is added in the process of making it so delicious.  The other serious issue?  The mushy texture that somehow creeps into my favorite summery sandwich and completely ruins the experience. 

However, I give you the CURE to all chicken salad nightmares in both realms of taste & health.
Introducing: Greek Yogurt!  You may commonly use it as a breakfast or snack item but this yogurt does wonders as a substitution as well.

For those of you who still like a tiny hint of mayo flavor, you may modify this with a tablespoon of mayo (no not a heaping spoonful either!)

What you'll need:

Cooked Chicken breast or Bird as my mom uses
Celery Sticks
1 Cup Greek Yogurt (Plain variety)
1 Teaspoon Mayo (if you choose)
Red Grapes
1-2 apples

This is simple if you've ever made chicken salad.  Chop the Chicken into small bite size cubes.  Add some salt and pepper to taste while mixing in chopped onion and celery.

After this is in a bowl, mix in the greek yogurt and mayo.

Finally, cut grapes in half and chop apple into small pieces, garish this on top for a more summery salad.


  1. i always love adding some sliced almonds or walnuts to chicken salad, it adds such a nice crunch! great idea with the greek yogurt, i will definitely be trying it!

  2. mhh I have had chix salad with nuts before and I always forget to add them. Sounds good though, ill add to the next batch!


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