Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a BIG kid (I Promise).

Okay okay okay, I was going to wait until exactly a week before the big summer concert season kickoff but I can't wait any longer! I am simply too excited.  In any case, Saturday marks the 1 week countdown to Kristen, Cara, Mandy and I's long journey (I mean 1 1/2 hours is a long way) to Buffalo, NY.  Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block will be amazing, common, should I expect less?  When I was at my heightened BSB phase, I want to say hmmm 4th grade, I was clearly too young for such a concert but now I am 20, a junior in college and ready to do it right.

We not only are taking Connie my Corolla but will also probs stop for a nice lunch along the way.  Janene, my mom, got us a Hotel close to the venue so we can taxi back and forth.  Oh, and there is a pool in the Hotel...which better be open after the concert! Champagne toasts are a must.

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