Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High for This.

Collin McLoughlin, have you heard of him?  Seriously, if you haven't by now that I don't know where you have been.  I was turned onto this guy last summer by Brendan, since the two both studied (are studying) at Colgate University.  I'll tell you one thing, this guy can sing and write some pretty great songs along with make great acoustic covers. 

Last summer I found myself hitting the streets running to his Back to The Wall and Come Back to You, and over the past year he has only made more great hits.  Not only does he make more upbeat jams but he has also infiltrated a sort of relaxed summery feel that we all love on those hot lake days & long drives.

His latest is a cover of The Weekends| High for This.

Here is the original.

Head over to Mediafire and dl his version, which is personally, more my taste.

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