Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coming Home.

In reading this blog you have been aware that Brendan, my boyfriend, spent the semester abroad in London, England.  I spent spring break visiting him and traveling both London and Paris, how breathtaking! He himself took multiple trips as well including a two week whirlwind adventure through Scotland (his homeland) with his brother, Patrick.

Tomorrow he finally comes home with his best friend Jake, their relationship is really closer than "best friend" status but all in all their both great.  While they're both sad to be leaving Europe after a trip to Germany and pub crawling London, I am busy planning their arrival (so typical me!)  Plan for a few posts on the next two days just because I'm too excited for words and simply have to fulfill my role as a emotional female.

Here's a few random pictures from my trip to London:
 Brendan fighting with a goose in a park near Buckingham Palace.  So confrontational.
 One of my favorite images.  The natural lighting was gorgeous out that day.
 Roman took this of us on the metro in Paris.  Meeting up with him at a local pub was so much fun!
 Brendan in a very touristy photo, something he dreads.
Last night in London on the Eye :)

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