Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Double Dutch.

No, not the jump roping kind but the I am going abroad to the Netherlands (Dutchland for all of you have lived under a rock your whole lives) August 26th kind!  I don't believe I have done a post about going abroad yet but as the weather gets increasingly nicer I find myself needing more reasons to procrastinate.

So, as of August 26th I will be flying to Brussels and then taking a train to Maastricht, Netherlands and spending the semester there...until December 23rd to be exact.
See that dot at the very bottom of the map?  Well that is where I will be.  Maastricht is known for its beautiful walled in city that is from Medieval times and still has Roman ruins lurking about.  To say that I'm excited is an understatement, though I will surely miss the comforts of home.

A river runs through the city, which I believe is a bit larger than Buffalo, NY.  I have already scoped out a few marketplaces and events that should be coming fall semester so now all I have to do is (a) have an amazing summer, and (b) fit everything into two LARGE suitcases so I can make it there.

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