Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Zico Coconut Water

I just finished my last long run of my 10k training for the Great Pumpkin Challenge.  It was difficult but worth it--a day later than I had planned to run it, but I still made it out of bed and ran it.  The air is much crisper than a few weeks ago which makes it easier to run but I definitely need to remember my inhaler the next time I go (I better make sure to pack it for this weekend!)

I had found ZICO products in Wegmans last year and then later found them on campus and decided to splurge and test them out.  Last week I picked up another one thinking that it would be a great post-workout replenisher especially for days that reach above 5 miles. 

Was it right? Well it sure tastes great!  However, I am not sure that it is all it is hyped up to be.  20grams of sugar in one bottle and the third main ingredient is cane sugar--hmmm, skeptical?  I am thinking I need to investigate the natural flavor and then maybe look into VitaCoca as well.  The rest of it is made from cocnut cream, conconut water, natural flavor etc.  The good thing is that it contains 600mg potassium and 140mg sodium, which you actually need a bit of after a long workout.  it also contains iron and magnesium but not in the same quatities as some other brands.

all in all? 
Zico makes a great tasting product though I am not sure how great it actually is for you post-workout.  Any takers? Any suggestions? For now I think I will have this once in a while but mainy stick to water and my usual dose of eggs/ protein afterwards :)

more on the 10k and an exciting travel/ service update later on!

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