Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Overview (sort of).

This weekend was honestly so amazing and so busy that I wouldn't even know where to begin with writing a blog post about it.  I would probably talk your ear off to the point of exhaustion or passing, I will let you take the time to check out some of my pictures on Facebook and get a general overview from that.

Overall the trip was beyond amazing and I couldn't be happier with all of the touristy stops, safari's and the backpackers hostels that we stayed at.  I never thought I would take to the hostel environment but I am addicted to them, you meet the most interesting people and really get to know a bit more about the culture of the area that you're staying in.

Yesterday was a really long day--we woke up in our huts at 5 am for a quick drive through Kruger park and then made our way to these amazing views of the 3rd largest canyon in the world. Absolutely breathtaking.  I took enough pictures for a lifetime to remember...maybe a few videos as well.

We finally made it home last night after a long wait in the Joburg airport and an interesting talk with a pediatric opthamologist in Cape Town who gave us her business card in case we were ever in trouble and needed help or a friendly family to take us in.  I know it sounds really strange but someone had done this for her daughter when she began studying at Duke..the girl thought it was extremely strange as well until she was in a car accident and broke her leg.  The man who had given her the business card contacted her mothers office and somehow found her while she was backpacking across Vietnam--still really strange sounding?  The woman was so nice and told us that it was her way of paying the man back, through paying it forward to the next group of young women her daughters age that may potentially need help along the way.  I actually think that it is a brilliant idea and wish that more people in the world were so generous and genuinely caring/kind.

When we made it back to our house (our actual new house) we were greeted by a friendly cat that will be staying with us for the three weeks.  Still not the biggest fan of cats but I think this one likes the outside more.  I grabbed the top bunk and finally unpacked (I had been living out of the suitcase for the past three weeks and thought that it was finally time to do it).

The house is huge and pretty nice and in a great location to the local grocery stores, restaurants and the gym where we all just got memberships.  Definitely in need of some exercise after having the best and tastiest cooks alive, Happiness and Cindy.

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