Monday, July 2, 2012

Surgery in Mpumalanga

Today I observed a C-section at a local tertiary hospital in Mpumaplanga--scrubs, mask and all I was right in the OR with the doctors and nurses.  Definitely was not about to pass up the opportunity to something that I would probably never be given the chance to do back at home.  The nurses even asked me to push the patient into the OR.  I looked at them like they were crazy and explained that I was not a medical student or MD and they told me that any extra hands were needed and shouldn't be taken for granted so I wheeled the woman in and helped get her onto the gurney for surgery.

The doctors in the OR were somewhat cocky just as any surgeon would be (sorry to generalize) but they were so willing to help explain the difference between a spinal tap and epidural and even give us detailed descriptions and visuals using their iPad. 

I understand that I am not pre-med but I still found this to be an amazing and valuable experience.  If anything it taught me more about the medical system and allowed me to see it in action first hand.

After a long few days of traveling up north to Mpumpalanga/ Nelspruit I realized how incredibly lucky I am to be here and I wish that I was able to share all of this with everyone back at home.  Anyone who gets the opportunity to come to South Africa should jump at the opportunity.  The people are beyond amazing--from their personality to their beauty and their INCREDIBLE food.  Not to mention the landscapes and natural beauty of the land--mountains and birds everywhere along with serious farmlands.

The north, where I am now, is so much warmer than Cape Town.  We were honestly so surprised when we arrived up here and it was in the 70s because our IES representative told us that it would be cold...definitely learned to check the internet on my own next time and figure out the weather.  

I was also able to get a new hat today since I lost mine out the window on the highway yesterday!

Tomorrow I will have the option of being at an HIV clinic, Outpatient or Casualty (trauma).  I hope everyone at home is having a great summer so far and are taking the time to enjoy beautiful Canandaigua/ rochester/ wherever you maybe!

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