Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Move…Almost!

Last night we made our debut at a club called Tiger Tiger, which was located in a local shopping mall.   Even better, there was a late night fast food shop selling pita sandwiches and hot dogs.  We had been told that Tiger Tiger (rawr!) was a dance club for people around our age so we figured, why not and checked it out.  When we got there I felt like I was back in the U.S. and was completely taken aback by the number of American artists they played throughout the night.  While there was definitely a good vibe amongst the group and the crowd there were still a good number of creepers—but what club doesn’t have those?

  We danced and stayed until about 2 and were back making pesto/soy sauce rice (what?!) by 2:30.  Since my roommate was spending the night with her mom and brother I decided I would stay with Emily and Anna for the night hence the pesto rice and some serious girl talk.

This morning we were all up by 8 to pack ALL of our things and have it shipped over to our house for the second half of the trip—needless to say I don’t think that I am a morning person here.  What a struggle!

For now I am sitting eating breakfast at our favorite Coco Wah Wahhhhh so that I can finish my paper, blog and figure out what we are doing with our free day—Green Square Market for sure and then the rest is up to if the rain holds out or not!

Tomorrow we are off to Kruger and Soweto for eight days.  We will be working in rural health facilities and touring the northern areas of South Africa!

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