Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cape of Good Hope

I’ve been receiving numerous messages regarding my experiences here in Cape Town.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about my daily activities, the IES program or anything else—however, it is quite difficult to get any internet for free so it may take a while… please be patient and I will promise to return your messages as soon as I can!

So for last night-

We took a taxi down to the V&A Waterfront (the more touristy area of Cape Town) and had dinner at the Cape Town Fish Market.  The place reminded me of a really good PF Changs but specializing in Seafood.  We ordered two HUGE platters of Sushi and I was brave enough to try raw sushi for the first time.  I must say that the tuna, salmon and various rolls (rainbow roll) were amazing. For dinner I ordered a “Potjie” which was a hot pot of garlic cream sauce with mussels, potato, carrots and some sort of white fish—yum!  It was one of our first real meals out together alone which was really nice.  To get home we decided to walk around the mall for a bit and get gelato (sorry but it was much better than the Muar House) and pass the huge ferris wheel to the docks—not the safest trip but surely interesting since we had to sprint across a highway to get to the nearest hotel and call the cab home.  After hiking and getting up early for the market yesterday I was exhausted and fell right to sleep.


When I said that every day I experience something more amazing than the last day I was not kidding.  I for sure thought that yesterday was one of the greatest experiences of my life…Climbing devils peak was beyond beautiful and gave me one of the best views I have ever seen.  Okay maybe I am being ridiculous with my descriptions of these places but I cannot wait to post all of my millions of pictures.

Today we topped Devils Peak by going on a peninsula tour around the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern tip of Africa.  We took a tour bus along the coastline and Atlantic seaboard going through the beautiful ritzy area with huge homes and gated apartment complexes.  Before I knew it we were on a cliff with the mountains at one side and the sea down below.  Words cannot describe it—wait for the pictures!  I had no idea we were even going all the way to the Cape since the drive looked as if it would take much longer than an hour and a half but before I knew it we were at Boulder point scoping out the penguins that reside there.   After a lunch on the bay with fish and chips we took the bus to the Cape of Good Hope.  All that came to my mind was, wow unbelievable!  The sun came through the clouds and the rain stopped as we approached the summit to the lighthouse at Cape Point (literally though I swear I’m not trying to write ridiculous posts) and we were able to see for miles.  The Table Mountain National park is home to baboons and antelope so we passed many signs stating, “do not feed the Baboons, they are WILD animals.”  The best way to describe this would be through my pictures so I hope to post soon.

This week we will be at a different hospital working with various units.  I am hoping to hone in and specialize working with a nutritionist, dietitian or someone working with obese patients.  If this is unavailable I will most likely work with patients who have diabetes or other diseases such as hypertension so I am able to speak with them regarding nutrition and weight for my final research paper.  Wish me luck!

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