Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flying By

I honestly cannot fathom how quickly this semester is coming to a close.  As I sat attempting to write my final essay for a philosophy class I felt the procrastination building.  What to do I thought? I perused pinterest (something I had barely known about the last time I actually wrote on Miscellanea) and then decided it was time to update.

Here is a brief recap on the semester:

I became a sister of the Theta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi at University of Rochester and have already met the most amazing girls that I am proudly able to call my sisters.

I said goodbye to my best friend and first dog Greta (Bunny) who lived an amazing grouchy life constantly scaring away my friends.

Brendan and I went to my friend Sarah's Wedding in Upstate, NY which was absolutely beautiful.

I spent hours making these AMAZING irish car bomb cupcakes for miss. Maureen's birthday

Which we later celebrated with many desserts and a great dinner out with her friends from school.

Spring flowers finally sprouted (and then froze again).

I visited Brendan numerous times all which included some pretty delicious meals. (whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, greek olives, capers, feta, basil)

and most recently, friends from home came to visit for a night out!

While the semester as a whole has been one of the best yet and I have met some of the most influential people that have had a wonderful impact on my life, I have yet to explain the best part.

From June to July (this coming summer) I will be in Cape Town, South Africa!  While in Cape Town I will be taking  course while spending 16-20 hours weekly in clinics, hospice facilities and rural AIDS clinics working with the locals while learning their healthcare system.

I cannot wait to share these experiences with my friends and family through photographs and writing!

Further updates for the coming weeks:
1. Ballet Performance Group spring show, this friday
2. First D-DAY weekend, next weekend
3. My mom and I will run a 5k together next weekend as well
4. Summer begins!

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