Thursday, December 1, 2011

Park Ave Holiday Festival

Last night my two lovely friends from William Smith, Emily & Alyssa, came to visit.  Emily had been begging to see me and I thought the perfect time would be during the Park Ave Holiday Festival.  I had never been to the festival before and figured that going with them could be a great time.

The festival itself was quite interesting and rather crowded.  I should have known this since the summer Park Ave Fest is insanely busy but yet again I forgot to plan ahead.  So unlike me.  It took forever to find a parking spot and get reservations but once we did it was great!  I took them through ParkLeigh to look at the holiday gifts and we stopped for free Hot Chocolate outside a cute cafe.  

Dinner was at Magnolias Cafe.  We indulged in soup, salad and sandwiches.  The soup I ordered, Tomato with Artichokes and Crostini Bread was quite tasty for a cold evening.  My sandwich, The Rising Sunflower was piled high with turkey, pesto mayonnaise, roasted red peppers and havarti cheese along with the usual tomato lettuce and onion.  Toasty and warm. It most definitely hit the spot.

We later stopped at Stever's Candy Shoppe, a homemade chocolate shop on Park Ave.  The stop was a must since the last time they visited it was closed.  While I literally wanted everything in the store I chose three items.  Cinnamon dusted chocolate, a peanut butter filled santa (as a gift) and a dark chocolate gingerbread boy (gift).  I immediately dove into the dusted chocolate which was just as delectable as it sounds.  I HIGHLY suggest stopping by if you're ever in the area.

Inside Stever's Candy Shop! Insanely busy with a huge line but so worth it!

Dinner at Magnolias

Outside Stever's prior to meeting some very talkative interesting ladies!


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