Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy You, Healthy Me: My Movement

Until I took the plunge and started assessing different career paths that led from a philosophy degree I had little understanding of the impact that one person has on a community.  One person, two, then three and before you know it a whole lot of "one person's" equal out to an entire city.  This is why I have my own motto of "Healthy You, Healthy Me" to me this means that by making myself a healthier, happier me, I am able to brighten others days, teach them all I know about health so they can pass it to the next person.  So join my trend! Start with a healthier you, so someone else can be healthier too!

I don't believe that I have mentioned my newest endeavor on here in a while so I thought that today would be a great day to share (yes I have posted multiple times today).  I am currently researching and helping the Greater Rochester Obesity Collaborative in conduction with the Healthy Weight Collaborative funded through the National Institute of Child Health Quality (NICHQ). Phew that took a lot of breaths to say!

GROC, HWC, NICHQ and a bunch of other groups are working diligently to address the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States, beginning with individual cities like Rochester!  The rate of childhood obesity in our city is just below the national average of, I believe, 17% (no I do not have a source for this right now nor do I care to take the time to look it up, but I have memorized this from recent research so trust me).  In any case, this is shocking and disheartening when you combine it with the recent discussion of our generation, yes us 20 some year olds, having a life expectancy lower than that of our parents. Gasp.

I am working closely with the team at University of Rochester Medical Center and am looking into various programs across the U.S. that are addressing the same issue--how do we connect physicians, patients and communities to create a movement to stop the epidemic? I am beginning this journey by contacting various leaders of programs such as KidsFit, Weigh What Matters and Healthier Life Steps, to name a few.  I am also learning how to review medical charts of "wellness" appointments at local pediatric practices, assessing the physicians dialogue and chart notes taken for at risk patients.

Two major updates on my project:
1. I was just added to the team for the obesity project (approved by the RSRB!)
2. The team just received a grant for $500k to help with research!

More updates to follow :)

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