Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Sun, No Problem.

Its May 1st and the weather this spring has been, umm, less than exciting.  I think in the handful (and yes I mean maybe 5) nice days that we have had, people have gone crazy with spring fever.  So maybe it isn't sunny and gorgeous everyday and the rain has everyone down when it starts flooding the streets, but hey, a chill playlist is in order.  Summer is almost here afterall.

For a chill playlist, as I previously mentioned in the last post, requires some typical summer artists.  You know, the ones that you always turn to, they never get old and you can always turn to them.  What about new additions?  Here's what I have:

(1) Rolling in the Deep- Adele
(2) Rolling in the Deep- John Legend
**both versions are necessary because they're both so different.  Look for another post on this at another time.
(3) Alligator Sky- Owl City ft B.o.B.
(4) Can't Let it Go- Goo Goo Dolls
(5) Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons
(6) The Cave- Mumford & Sons
(7) Dog Days are Over- Florence and the Machine
(8) You've Got the Love- Florence and the Machine
(9) Guns and Horses- Ellie Goulding
(10) Nature Feels- Colin Mcloughlin
(11) Summertime Girl- Shwayze
(12) I Do - Colbie Caillat
(13) Hello- Martin Solveig
(14) Meet Virginia- Train
(15) Love to Get Used- Matt Pond PA

My best friend, Cara, would be so proud that I am finally starting to listen to something other than frat-rap.  While Brendan does have a great eclectic taste in music I seem to get the fratty rap side of me from him and sometimes its nice to listen to the things that make me chipper..which does include country :x

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