Friday, May 13, 2011

The Beast.

Better time than any to formally introduce all my followers (yes I love all 8 actual followers plus whoever else decides to spend their procrastination time reading my blog) to my wonderful and adorable dog Greta.

Okay so you may know her as the following: Bunny, Stinky (Stinks) or Beast(y).  She has had many names throughout her 12 short years on this earth and in my life and may or may not suffer from a slight identity crisis but I love her all the same.

I should also address that though she may seem vicious and fierce at first, she does have a heart and lovable personality (yes she is a dog not human but genuinely deserving of such characteristics!).  Shes my beast, my stinks, my bunn-ayyy and though she very often tries to attack me and leap at me with her fangs ready to bite, she never has succeeded!

Shes ALIVE and fighting :)

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