Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Film Project.

I finished this project a while ago, and by a while ago I mean probably over a month but I thought it would still be fun to share.  I took these images with a film camera and actually developed the film by myself in the HWS darkroom.  The images depict various areas around Geneva, flowers, and some pictorialist outdoor scenes.  Though I struggled through the film project, trust me I spent 209384092834 hours trying to develop about 10 rolls of film, I found it to be somewhat peaceful and an interesting spin on photography.
The following are my favorites that I submitted for my Imaging project:
 The above image is of one of my favorite restaurant cafe's in Geneva, NY.  Opus has a friendly European atmosphere and is located on one of the main roads.  It recently opened this past summer and is owned by two women, Heather & Chelsea, they always remember what is going on in life and are able to brighten your day with one of their amazing Panini's!
 I found the flowers above in the Houghten House at school.  The lighting was dim because it was very late at night which allowed for this amazing shadow.
 Being the old woman I am, I love going to Antique shops.  This windmill was just thrown outside a little antique shop on 5&20.  I thought it was destructive and old but still had some simplistic beauty to it.
 I love taking drives.  Long ones, short ones, the sunroof open or not.  This winter was dreadfully cold and just not very enjoyable to say the least so I took many many drives.  I love the little farms in and around Geneva, NY and decided to take a simple image of the road and the snowy atmosphere.

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